Leadership Research

Wendy’s research on leadership aims to develop theoretical underpinnings and interventions for nursing leadership to improve health care delivery. She has developed a theoretical model — the Ottawa Model of Implementation Leadership (O-MILe) — that has been revised and tested in numerous settings over the past 15 years. The O-MILe has been central to a number of studies, including community care in Sweden, long-term care in Ottawa and acute care in China. It is one of the conceptual frameworks incorporated into a CIHR Foundation grant on Integrated Knowledge Translation (PI: Graham).

Wendy has successfully secured CIHR funding to conduct a knowledge synthesis on managerial leadership for facilitating research use in nursing and allied health care, and published the findings in Implementation Science (4.345 two-year Impact Factor). She also works with a research team from Australia, Canada, England, and Sweden to examine leadership for facilitating evidence-based nursing care (referred to as the FLAME study — Facilitation & Leadership Actively Mobilizing Evidence), using a qualitative approach to understand the mechanisms by which leadership supports evidence-based care. They have disseminated their work at international conferences and in the International Journal of Nursing Studies and Public Administration Review, and won the 2019 Mosher and Mosher Award for the best research article published in Public Administration Review.

Selected publications

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