International Collaboration

Enthusiastic to improve health care in Canada and around the world and building on her research in knowledge translation and leadership, Wendy has international research collaborations with colleagues in China, Sweden, Brazil and Australia.  She has completed an internationally funded study with Shanghai Jiongtong University and Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital to explore the role of leadership in knowledge translation of evidence-based pain management practices in pediatric populations with partner researchers from:  Shanghai Jiongtong University (Ruan, Yu, Li), University of Melbourne (Harrison), Virginia Commonwealth University (Hu), University of California San Diego (Aarons) and University of Central Florida (Ehrhart).

Wendy is also part of an international team across four countries (Australia, Canada, Sweden, UK) that aims to understand leadership for improving nursing care. Known as FLAME (Facilitation & Leadership Actively Mobilizing Evidence), this team has presented its work internationally and a recent publication has won the 2019 Mosher and Mosher Award for the best research article published in Public Administration Review

Selected publications:

  • Hu, J., Gifford, W., Hong, R., Harrison, D., Li, Q., Ehrhart , M., Harrison, MA., Barrowman, N., Aarons, G. (2021). Validating the Implementation Leadership Scale in Chinese nursing context: A cross-sectional study Nursing Open. 1-10  DOI: 10.1002/nop2.888. 
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